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Patient Focused

Our goal at Corbridge Orthodontics is to create beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients that will last a lifetime! Our patients are the number one priority. We create a friendly, fun and stress-free patient experience.

Customized Financing

We provide in-house financing options at 0 percent interest. To take advantage of our payment programs, just make a small down payment. We offer extended times for regular payments, which means you will not have to sacrifice the treatment you need because of your financial situation.

Convenient Scheduling

We value our patient’s time, and we understand people have busy schedules. Here at Corbridge Orthodontics, we offer a knowledgeable and fully trained front staff to help with all of your scheduling needs.

Customized Treatment

We pay attention to the needs of each and every patient. With that in mind, Dr.Corbridge personally customizes every treatment plan according to the patient's goals.

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